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Graphic Design, Digital Design, Website Build, eCommerce: Marcel Singer

ICONOSTASIO is a collection of genuine objects curated by Greek art collector, gallerist and writer Tassos A. Gkekas.

In his own words:

“I have most carefully selected each item according to my personal everyday needs. Due to many travels and a continuously changing environment, I enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the items I surround myself with. It has helped me to take excellent care of an important part of my identity: the need to be encircled by objects which trigger and challenge me aesthetically and intellectually – wherever I am in transit.

Life is magical and by traveling it can be extended to several ideal moments. This very satisfaction can be increased by ICONOSTASIO intentionally brief family of objects. I established this space for those who appreciate, respect and identify with meaningful utility as much as they love refined beauty. I understand the importance of objects in order to create a quick getaway to something intimate and personal by encompassing yourself with useful goods that speak to you.

My selection is aiming to serve the traveler in constant movement or someone who is getting settled in a new place and requiring to have a fresh, basic start. ICONOSTASIO could be seminal to a new, intriguing situation. The recently discovered pieces of this selection have deeply appealed to me, while others already have become classics in my life. At ICONOSTASIO you will find a collection of both beautiful and practical essentials you need in one place. Not more, not less.” – Tassos A. Gkekas

From the Mountain Olympus, with scents of the soil and leaves of the Olympic Air “ΣΙΔΕΡΙΤΗΣ” tea, following the wind of the Levante down to the island of Cyprus.

Our inspiration of Mediterranean Greek antiquity meets through the centuries Italian Modernism design language like from iconic Olivetti or Valextra.
The boards of Paris’ station Gare du Nord, passengers clash into the city like waves at an endless coast, in the transition of time and space, in the midst of the synchronization of Arrival and Departure.

ICONOSTASIO, the wall of icons has in its carefully crafted Digital Design three openings: Just landed, Arrival and Departure. Each gate or door has different rooms inside, analog to a physical Space e.g. “Escape Room”, “Reading Room” or “Art Room”.