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MOSAIK Skincare


Amsterdam, Tokyo


2021 - 2022


Monogram, Packaging


Packaging & Labels: Marcel Singer
Monogram: Raisa Torres

“MOSAIK is more than just a skincare line. It is a lifestyle, it is an awareness, it is a global community. When we celebrate our natural beauty, our differences and forget about moulding into created ideals, it allows us to wholeheartedly accept ourselves – and one another. After all, the whole world is a mosaic – a mosaic of nature, a mosaic of cultures, a mosaic of people, a MOSAIK of skin.” – Emi Schemmer, Founder of MOSAIK Skincare

A kaleidoskop of earthy colors, a sense of sand, minerals and soil, colorful stones of a mosaik. We are the soil. We are the earth.
Palettes of color, pigments, skin on skin. The regenerating, the breathing, the rejuvenating, with time and patience.
Our ancestry and our genetic ethnic origin, multifaceted, a micro and macrocosm, from cells to the surface. The cleanliness of lines, forms and shapes. The thin line of a Monogram, embossed in fine crafted paper, playing with the sensuality of light with light and a little drop of shadow, a sense of a second layer, of a haptic, a sense of touch, the sense of skin.