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Neurochirurgie Baden-Baden






Branding, Visual Identity, Artwork, Digital Design, Website Build


Branding, Visual Identity, Ink Artwork: Raisa Torres
Digital Design, Website Build: Marcel Singer

The neurosurgical practice offers all the services of a modern diagnosis and treatment center in the field of neurosurgery. All spine, brain and peripheral nervous system diseases include.

Via the medium of design we connected the aspects of science, technology and art.

Inspired by Korean calligraphy, wide, rough brushstrokes in Black are combined with fine nearly fragile lines resonating in their details the human shape. Art Director Raisa Torres created a series of hand drawn artworks, balancing the lines and forms of the human spine in analogy of geometrical forms, in Nature and in Art objects like the iconic floating elements of mobiles from Alexander Calder.

The physical building of the praxis with its three floors got symbolized by a signature icon, with a nearly ephemeral character.

We explored the analogy between natural mineral forms like dark marble structures and radiographic imagery. The use of black marble in the print and digital design also reflects the interior design Dr. Sophie So-Young Beier and Dr. André Beier were developing inside their practice space in Baden-Baden.

Mirroring the outside with the inside and the inside with the outside, the visual language creates a unity of both each other reflecting poles.