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KOR Studio




2021 - 2022


Naming, Branding, Art Direction, Illustrations, Digital Design, Website Build, Social


Creative Direction for Graphic, Naming, Branding: Raisa Torres
Naming, Illustrations, Digital Design, Web Build, Social: Marcel Singer

Team for KOR Studio
Strategy and Curation: Andothers Studio
Communication Strategy and Copywriting: Denisse Ariana PĂ©rez
Plans: Tess Regeling
Photography: Kasia Gatkowska

KOR Studio is a construction and interior building company with more than two decades of experience. It integrates all facets of architectural development and is doing everything from Concept, to Construction, to Renovation, to Development and Interior Design.

A nearly infinite line divides the sky and the ocean, the sea with its shimmering Gold and Blue, an endless horizon. A conversation and a listener, the art of listening, the art of understanding, in the end – a builder of trust.

Thoughts, ideas and words are received by an open heart and mind, floating and flowing, getting transformed into lines and shapes on a dotted grid. Copper on Black paper. A Copper stencil drawing old facades of Amsterdam. Renovatio et Constructio. The Legacy and the Now.

“Some could say listening is an obsolete art form, we see it as a contemporary essential. As the foundation, the core, to design and to life.” – KOR Studio

In an empowering triangular set, a character to the core, between the Ratio on its left side and the Emotio on the right – There exist solely one direction: The only way is up!