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Visual Language, Digital Design, Web Build, eCommerce, Content Production, Curated Social, Digital Marketing, SEO


Digital Design, Web Build, eCommerce, Curated Social, Digital Marketing, SEO: Marcel Singer
Tangram: Raisa Torres & Marcel Singer
Photography: Stephanie Lou, Ana Hop
Special Thanks: Cecilia Musmeci

MADetLEN traps the scents of memories into beautifully handcrafted objects and experimental fragrances.

The nature that surrounds the brand’s atelier in the southern France Alps serves as the main source of inspiration for its perfume and candle lines as well as for the organic shapes of its furniture pieces.

By choosing to use only the finest seasonal ingredients, worked through a small-scale production, Sandra and Alexandre reviewed the traditional apothecary’s craft and achieved the highest standard of quality and pureness while respecting the nature rhythms. The same careful attention is paid to furniture pieces, which are entirely made in cold laminated iron without using any industrial techniques.

Through its perfumes and objects, MADetLEN aims to bring back the original taste of things, awaking our primal olfactory and tactile senses from the anesthetized sleep of daily life.

Remembering Cambray, a Madeleine drowned in linden blossom tea, each memory a whole cosmos, a whole world, every sense with every scent, memories in synaesthesia, fields of lavender, violet glowing mountains in the Rhône-Alpes, a Blackness, a thickest ductus, the massiveness of Soulange’s paintings, and rust, a patina of steel, reflections of a Richard Serra, a French Apothecary, dreaming of forgotten times, Blackish Lava, Golden Amber, infinite magma fields, shining bright minerals, deep turquoise like la Gorge de Verdon.

The symbol of the hand, in Greyish Black, mise en scene by El Greco. A mosaique, a journey through epoques of fine arts, the impressionistic reflections of light, shimmering on the water’s surface, the marvelous shape of a fig tree, falling leaves, in a parque close to Café Royale, a black midnight, under the endless Azure of Mallarmé, a blooming rose in a shadow, Damascene petals on the ground, the desert & its scent of the sand, a golden morning and Amber nights…

Every Scent of MADetLEN is described by a poem and symbolized by a classical or modern painting from art history. We designed and developed an interactive tangram mosaic for these scents, where the visitor can explore each little poem, the tangram fragment of each painting and all connected products.

Visual Language and Art Direction for photo productions and campaigns with a mix of materials, light settings, colours and structures.

Photo production for social campaigns and social feed.

Photography by Ana Hop, Galerie Chic by Accident, Ciudad de México.

Curation of the Social Feeds as part of our Digital Marketing concept for MADetLEN.

Photography by Stephanie Lou in collaboration with Le Paradox, Galerie No74, Rue Quincampoix, Paris.

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